Small to Medium Enterprises – Expanding the Infrastructure to the Global Marketplace

communicating and networking

Note:  The following post will also appear on Pronited

I have to admit that the idea for this blog post came as the result of a discussion about the networking potential of Small to Medium Enterprises (SME)  around the world to participate in global development and business projects with my friend, Mohammed Hajjar of Pronited.  Capping off the discussion was Mohammed’s advice that I approach the subject in a blog post, which except for the most canny and prolific of writers, probably more often than not turns into a project much broader in scope than the original idea.  Such is the case with discussions with friends, especially when one friend says to the other, “Why don’t you write a blog about this?” And the other friend says, “ . . . Okay!” as if he/she has content just swimming dormant among those millions of brain cells.

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