What is the Role of the Consultant?


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My Burning Professional Self-Definition Question

As I pass myself off as a consultant, I have begun to repeatedly ask myself what is my role and whether my primary motivation is to my client, my compensation or something else.

Over the past several months, I have participated in various client engagements for the purpose of developing a project, defining client requirements, submitting a presentation or proposal and a host of other “consulting activities.”  My dilemma has come from several factors, which I will try to identify in the following lines without trying to sound like I have found the right answers . . . Honestly, I’m still searching, and the learning curve is as steep as one of those terrible roller coasters that they build nowadays.

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Why I Prefer Flip Charts in My Client Engagements

flipchartUsing What Works to Make “it” Work!

If you do an Internet search on presentation skills, you will find not only tons of guides and tips for “professional and effective” presentations, but you will also find some very humorous ones.  Sometimes we can get so involved with making a good presentation or showing our audience how “good” we can be, that we actually forget that we are supposed to communicate with other people rather than talk to them. We all too often forget that even if we are supposed to be the experts in something or other, we are also supposed to have a bond and interaction with our audience, clients, colleagues, etc.  But you and I know . . . well . . . that rarely happens. Continue reading