Education and Learning . . . Still the Keys to Understanding and Peace between Humans

Life Influences

I grew up in Richmond, Virginia during the sixties. This was the era of U.S. Civil Rights Struggles, Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, John F. Kennedy, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Bay of Pigs, Watts, Detroit, Assassinations, Vietnam, the notion of the “Ugly American,” Chairman Mao and his ‘Red Book,’ and so many events, developments, crises, and life and society stuff.

That’s the era of my life development.

Throughout all of this and throughout my education (school, that is), my teachers drilled home the constant mantra of, “Get a good education and get a good job.” A constant barrage of this continued throughout my elementary, junior high and high school years, even during my junior high and high school years in integrated (the term desegregation didn’t really come to my attention until the seventies, and it was usually joined with the term, ‘court-ordered.’).

And even if the core of integration in education at that time was some sort of patronage or appeasement, I still received a strong dose of the education for life mantra in church.  As a matter of fact, my grandfather, who was also the minister of our church (and there weren’t any assistant pastors, or junior ministers in my church; Grandpa carried the entire load), always mentioned the familiar verses,

Good, better, best, Never let it rest,
Until the good is better, and the better is best.

And this was always directed at the youth of the church, especially if one of us made some noteworthy achievement in church, school or society. Continue reading

Making Life Changes . . . The Good, The Bad & The Unfavorable . . .

There is a common notion with describing events and developments in our lives, but coining the popular film title, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.”  However, when talking about life matters, in reality there are no “ugly” moments, but more so “unfavorable” moments that although we are faced with them, and they are quite distasteful and stressful most of the time, are not necessarily unsolvable or impossible to overcome.

Life Changes

All of us have to go through some sort of change during our lives.  Some changes are voluntary, and some – if we don’t take care of health, stress and wealth – become compulsory . . . and quite painful.  However, humans are endowed by our Creator with the capacity to face life challenges, recognize the challenges for what they are, and then address the challenges to resolve them and prevent – hopefully – their return.

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Life Transition – Being Senior Doesn’t Have to Mean Being Old!


Aged . . . But not Old!!!

I’m sixty years old . . . . actually about to knock on the door of sixty-one!  So, I expect that I’m supposed to be an “old person.”  But I haven’t quite learn what “being old” is supposed to mean.  I mean, look at all those “seniors” who learn to sky-jump, buy their first Harley-Davidson (and a really big, noisy one at that!), and go on all those weird adventures around the world.

To be honest, sometimes, I really feel like sixty . . . like when getting up in the morning, especially after having gone to bed late (really bad health habit).  And  sometimes, I feel like I am on top of my proverbial game, whatever that is supposed to mean.  Like, I feel sharp, confident, motivated in the face of much younger individuals, and as if I’m ready to do another sixty, as long as the joints and muscles can hold out.