My Professional Background

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have a diverse range of skill sets spanning project management, privatization, training and development, consulting, business development, research and other professional activities. I have worked in both academic and professional environments, including the commercial aviation and food service industries.

I have lived and worked in Saudi Arabia since 1985, living in both Riyadh and Jeddah, my current location. My work experience spans academic and business sectors. I have been able to utilize my learning experience in Education, Instructional Design and Project Management throughout my different professional placements. I have gained insight in Saudi, Middle Eastern and international business and culture, which, as an American provides a wider world view.

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I have worked in many settings to help make sometimes complex information more useable and applicable in the corporate setting. I am particularly interested in business-IT collaboration to help businesses define their process requirements clearly to ensure the appropriate IT support. Being proficient in Arabic has helped me interface with different professional situations, including teaching. I would really love to learn French, Spanish and Chinese.

I’ve recently retired from a long and varied career with Saudi Arabian Airlines. I have worked in several areas, including, but not limited to training and development, project management, and business development.

The cap of my career came when I co-managed the Program Management Office for Saudia’s restructuring program from 2009 until 2012.  Our crowning moment was witnessing the successful integration of Saudia into the SkyTeam Airline Alliance in May of 2012.

I also coordinated and monitor on-job-training assignments for the Future Pioneers, Saudia’s management training program. I recently completed a new workshop to introduce the candidates to the real work environment in preparation for their On-Job-Training.

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I still reside in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia engaged in consulting activities with FlyIT. We offer solutions for clients to help streamline their business processes, reduce overall operational costs or increase revenue. I have also presented professional development workshops for clients in Saudi Arabia. With my consulting affiliation with GeerStreet, LLC, in Durham, North Carolina, USA, we seek to help American academic institutions and businesses explore and develop opportunities in the Middle East.

If you would like to contact me concerning possible projects or professional collaboration, please complete the form below, and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.  Again, thanks for visiting!