Having an Advanced Sense of Humor

Author’s Note:  I must dedicate this post to my colleague, whose name I decline to mention, as I had not gotten her permission to publish her name.  However, the concept is all hers, and any credit must go to my colleague first and foremost. 

As most conversations go, my recent conversation with a colleague was among my unique and memorable conversations.  The subject was not particularly interesting; in fact, we weren’t really discussing anything in particular, just colleagues having a discourse about pretty much nothing.

Then the laughter began . . . again about pretty much nothing.  No insulting jokes or ridicule, just innocent humor and mutual exchange of respectful comments.  Our colleague made the most interested statement, something like, “I consider myself having an advanced sense of humor,” or something like that.

The statement itself wasn’t so great, and in most cases in general conversation, we all tend to make statements that reflect a complete connection between our hearts, our minds, and much our consciousness.  This was that moment!!

“An advanced sense of humor . . . ”

I had not heard such a purely unique perspective and life approach before, and even if I had, or even stated anything remotely similar, the pure simplicity of that statement at that moment in our group’s interaction . . . at least for me as a moment of enlightenment.

So . . . what do we do with the notion of an “advanced sense of humor?”

Advanced . . . meaning a high level of humor

So with an advanced level of humor, I suppose one will have the capability to find humor in almost any situation of life, work, and affairs in general.  That would be just wonderful as we meet different circumstances during our daily trek in life.  Having an “advanced sense of humor” in this regard, would — in theory — allow an individual to use that humor to deal with situations with less stress and possibly more self-control over anger and anxiety.  In turn, the individual would have more energy to resolve his/her problems in a more controlled manner and possibly meet with a better solution.

Having that “advanced” level of humor, one can maneuver through life with much more ease and self-confidence.  The possible risk is that some people tend to take humor as lacking maturity or a sense of frivolity, when in fact, the “mature” management of humor allows us to manage life just a little better.

Advanced . . . meaning forward preparedness

Then there is another perspective of an advanced sense of humor, which I can also ascribe with my colleague.  By preparing oneself to face every day with just a little humor, then one can share that humor and lightheartedness with your friends, colleagues, and even strangers you come across in your daily interactions.

For example, suppose you go to a restaurant, and the waiter accidently spills water (God forbid, he spills hot coffee) on your sleeve.  Instead of complaining about that person for a simple human mistake and turning the incident into a humorous reaction, such as, “Wow! And I was thinking about going swimming today.”  Then the waiter in question can relax; you can relax; your guests can relax; and besides . . . it was only water, not coffee!

Humor, when used in a proactive manner, can help diffuse tense situations and also help to put ease to anxiety and stress.  Humor in itself does not resolve the trauma of crises and catastrophes, and in fact might be completely inappropriate in such circumstances.  However in general circumstances of life, and “advanced” sense of humor, either as a high-level of humor or as a prepared sense of humor, one can meet with life’s twists and turns with a higher sense of confidence and perhaps help to bring about a resolution in a better way.

For my colleague . . . Please keep your “advanced” sense of humor.

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