Making Life Changes . . . Follow Up & Continuation!!

Author’s note: I write this stuff myself – obviously since I haven’t established any sense of continuity with my posts – so the few typos and editorial points are noted and duly addressed . . . (30 May 2016)

Life continues . . . and so does the journey!!

I pos20150107_165737ted a blog entry some time ago regarding my experience at life transition and moving onward through aging and continuing in activity of life . . . Click here for that post.  As we age — rather as I have continued to age, a variety of insight appears, or rather, insight is gained through different manifestations . . . spirit, health, relationships, contribution, or rather the capacity to continue to contribute, self-worth, and a number of other possible elements, some fleeting, others more enduring.

Perhaps one major challenge — and as some suggest, an opportunity — is to put
consequences of past decisions or choices where they belong, in the past and preferably
locked securely away from consciousness, at least after one has gained insight, earned wisdom and learned lessons, or not.  Our burden in many cases . . . again speaking from a personal perspective, is holding on too much to the past and through that grasp, allowing ourselves to drown in a quagmire of regrets, resentment, guilt, fear, and self-doubt. I’m sure there are many well-written books and theses on this issue alone.  So, I won’t bore you with my take on the matter.  Suffice it to say, that I have learned, and still, very painfully, am continuing to learn a very critical lesson, which I fear has come at a time of my life where it is sorely needed, if I will ever be able to achieve any measure of quality during whatever time I have left as a living physical being, a reality know only to Allah.

One thing that I have learned, and actually has been drilled into my psyche by a number of friends, relatives and close-to-the-heart acquaintances is that one must learn to live his/her life, move on, and cut the shackles of past results.  True the events and choices of the past have pretty much carved the form of the present, but that is where it needs to pretty much stop . . . line drawn.  We hold on too much to the “if-I-had-only,” “I-shoulda-coulda-woulda,” “I-wish-I-had” ethic that drains our spirit, and leaves us hollow in soul and mind.  Then we are faced with stress-related health issues and a sense of dread as our lives begin to close in on us due to the consequences of earlier actions and choices.

But that is not how it has to be . . .

Again, the gurus have written the books and there are many to choose from.  My journey has been honed through personal reflection and pain, regret and guilt, resentment and anger over the consequences of my choices or perceived lost opportunities.  But then again, when one blinks one’s eye, there is the realization that if things were so all bad, one would not have made it at all in his/her life and would have fallen to the proverbial wayside years ago. Grace is truly amazing!!!

Wake up call!!!!

I have come up with — at least for myself, and not intentionally trying to copy or steal anyone else’s intellectual property (and I don’t have money to survive a lawsuit, so let’s just settle the matter like collaborating humans rather than litigants). I have defined a number of affirmations that I must constantly remind myself about. I’m sure they are in some famous person’s book, and if they are, perhaps it’s because these just might be universal elements of life acknowledgement . . . nothing more.

My affirmations

  • Trust in Allah
  • Patience
  • Focus
  • Consistent effort
  • Gratitude

I could and probably will add to these affirmations, but this is my focus at this time.  I hope to expound on each in a future post.

Thanks for your attention . . . Comments are welcome.




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