Making Life Changes . . . The Good, The Bad & The Unfavorable . . .

There is a common notion with describing events and developments in our lives, but coining the popular film title, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.”  However, when talking about life matters, in reality there are no “ugly” moments, but more so “unfavorable” moments that although we are faced with them, and they are quite distasteful and stressful most of the time, are not necessarily unsolvable or impossible to overcome.

Life Changes

All of us have to go through some sort of change during our lives.  Some changes are voluntary, and some – if we don’t take care of health, stress and wealth – become compulsory . . . and quite painful.  However, humans are endowed by our Creator with the capacity to face life challenges, recognize the challenges for what they are, and then address the challenges to resolve them and prevent – hopefully – their return.

For me, this has been a painful process, one which I should have taken on, but whose existence and importance I disregarded for many years. Now in my so-called “twilight of life,” I am faced with making significant life changes whether I wish to or not.

But that’s alright!

I have begun to realize that – at least for me – my major hindrance is “fear.” Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of ridicule, fear of rejection, fear of doubt (from myself as well as others), and probably a host of other fears that I have yet to identify and are so deep-seated, that they will take tremendous effort to unseat, bring to the top of my consciousness, and eventually destroy.

Now that I realize this, what do I do?  And this a question that we all must not only ask ourselves, but more importantly . . . answer with complete honesty and transparency for ourselves if we expect to gain any particular success in anything . . . life, business, personal relationships, etc.

Moving Past Senior Mode

Once we get into “Senior Phase,” where we can qualify for the special discounts, and even get a good membership with some of the senior membership services, like AARP, then by default, we will face the need to begin to make choices.  Will we becom complacent couch potatoes? Will we continue to try to maintain active lives?  Will we be able to sustain the lifestyle and level of living that we are accustomed to?  Can we continue to provide for our families, or will we become burdens to them, especially our children, or other relatives.  Are we afraid that we will live a life of loneliness and oblivion, or will we make the adjustments needed to continue to live fulfilled and content with where we have arrived on the path of our lives? 

A lot of questions . . . some of which have very difficult and complicated answers . . . but most of which are not impossible to resolve.  And that is the trick, or at one trick that I am learning.

Obviously . . . This story is not over . . . . To be continued! 

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