Life Transition – Being Senior Doesn’t Have to Mean Being Old!

Aged . . . But not Old!!!

I’m sixty years old . . . . actually about to knock on the door of sixty-one!  So, I expect that I’m supposed to be an “old person.”  But I haven’t quite learn what “being old” is supposed to mean.  I mean, look at all those “seniors” who learn to sky-jump, buy their first Harley-Davidson (and a really big, noisy one at that!), and go on all those weird adventures around the world.

To be honest, sometimes, I really feel like sixty . . . like when getting up in the morning, especially after having gone to bed late (really bad health habit).  And  sometimes, I feel like I am on top of my proverbial game, whatever that is supposed to mean.  Like, I feel sharp, confident, motivated in the face of much younger individuals, and as if I’m ready to do another sixty, as long as the joints and muscles can hold out.

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