Having an Advanced Sense of Humor

Author’s Note:  I must dedicate this post to my colleague, whose name I decline to mention, as I had not gotten her permission to publish her name.  However, the concept is all hers, and any credit must go to my colleague first and foremost. 

As most conversations go, my recent conversation with a colleague was among my unique and memorable conversations.  The subject was not particularly interesting; in fact, we weren’t really discussing anything in particular, just colleagues having a discourse about pretty much nothing.

Then the laughter began . . . again about pretty much nothing.  No insulting jokes or ridicule, just innocent humor and mutual exchange of respectful comments.  Our colleague made the most interested statement, something like, “I consider myself having an advanced sense of humor,” or something like that.

The statement itself wasn’t so great, and in most cases in general conversation, we all tend to make statements that reflect a complete connection between our hearts, our minds, and much our consciousness.  This was that moment!!

“An advanced sense of humor . . . ”

I had not heard such a purely unique perspective and life approach before, and even if I had, or even stated anything remotely similar, the pure simplicity of that statement at that moment in our group’s interaction . . . at least for me as a moment of enlightenment.

So . . . what do we do with the notion of an “advanced sense of humor?”

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Making Life Changes . . . Follow Up & Continuation!!

Author’s note: I write this stuff myself – obviously since I haven’t established any sense of continuity with my posts – so the few typos and editorial points are noted and duly addressed . . . (30 May 2016)

Life continues . . . and so does the journey!!

I pos20150107_165737ted a blog entry some time ago regarding my experience at life transition and moving onward through aging and continuing in activity of life . . . Click here for that post.  As we age — rather as I have continued to age, a variety of insight appears, or rather, insight is gained through different manifestations . . . spirit, health, relationships, contribution, or rather the capacity to continue to contribute, self-worth, and a number of other possible elements, some fleeting, others more enduring.

Perhaps one major challenge — and as some suggest, an opportunity — is to put
consequences of past decisions or choices where they belong, in the past and preferably
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Facilitation with a Focus on Engagement

I recently published a post on Linkedin about my views on facilitating training and professional development workshops.  As I have become more active in this area, my experience will expand with increased interaction with different participant groups.  My suggestion is to focus on engagement and collaboration, also with a focus on applying new or reviewed concepts to the real-work experience.

Cuba . . . Opening the Doors to Rapprochement

Good News . . .

The recent news that US President Barack Obama has ordered restoration of diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba will be welcome to many, and possibly a disappointment to others.

Image courtesy of www.operationworld.org

I haven’t visited Cuba.  I don’t know that much Spanish — definitely not enough to make my way in a Spanish speaking society, and possibly finding difficulty in some communities in the U.S.  as well.  However, as a baby boomer, I grew up in the 60s and 70s witnessing the news of the Cuban missile crisis during the Kennedy administration, and though I was younger at the time, I saw some of the impact of then President Fidel Castro’s visit to New York and especially his engagement with Black American leaders in Harlem.

Many will say that the restoration of relations with Cuba is long overdue.  The U.S. has engaged with Russia and China for decades, so why not Cuba, the size of which is a fraction of those two Communist giants.  Hopefully there will be positive engagement with politics and any economic issue placed well on a far back burner.   Above all I see much possibility and mutual benefit from cross cultural exchange and engagement on many fronts.

Let’s hope we all take advantage of the positive potential.


What is the Role of the Consultant?


Image courtesy of pivotmgmt.com


My Burning Professional Self-Definition Question

As I pass myself off as a consultant, I have begun to repeatedly ask myself what is my role and whether my primary motivation is to my client, my compensation or something else.

Over the past several months, I have participated in various client engagements for the purpose of developing a project, defining client requirements, submitting a presentation or proposal and a host of other “consulting activities.”  My dilemma has come from several factors, which I will try to identify in the following lines without trying to sound like I have found the right answers . . . Honestly, I’m still searching, and the learning curve is as steep as one of those terrible roller coasters that they build nowadays.

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About Aging . . . Sharing My Personal Insights with Younger Colleagues

Aging . . .

Growing Old . . . Being an Elder . . . or just elderly!

I gave a short talk a feSynergy-logow days ago to a group of young professionals.  The venue was at Synergy, a new company in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia that provides entrepreneurial and business development services to SMEs in the Saudi market.  Aside from the CEO, who is knocking at the door of 40 years – and quite interested at the prospect, most of the other attendees were in their mid- to later 20s – I think that’s what you call “twenty somethings.”

Note:  Synergy is a dynamic new company that will offer unique business development and support services for entrepreneurs, investors and suppliers.  The company is set for formal launch on January 1, 2015. 
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HBCU Tragedy – – – The Demise of Saint Paul’s College

The Decline and Extinction of Historically Black Colleges and Universities


I just read about the imminent closure of Saint Paul’s College in Lawrenceville, Virginia, an Historically Black College with a 125-year history.   Apparently, the institution has ultimately succumbed to long term fiscal, institutional and accreditation difficulties without finding adequate resources to resolve those difficulties. Although one innovative attempt for resolution came at the proposal of a sister institution – St. Augustine’s Universitty of Raleigh, North Carolina to acquire the property and facilities and merge St. Paul’s as a satellite campus of St. Augustine’s.  According to a post in Diverse Issues in Higher Education, although that proposal had been withdrawn, St. Augustine’s has agreed to an appeal on May 31. Continue reading

Small to Medium Enterprises – Expanding the Infrastructure to the Global Marketplace

communicating and networking

Note:  The following post will also appear on Pronited

I have to admit that the idea for this blog post came as the result of a discussion about the networking potential of Small to Medium Enterprises (SME)  around the world to participate in global development and business projects with my friend, Mohammed Hajjar of Pronited.  Capping off the discussion was Mohammed’s advice that I approach the subject in a blog post, which except for the most canny and prolific of writers, probably more often than not turns into a project much broader in scope than the original idea.  Such is the case with discussions with friends, especially when one friend says to the other, “Why don’t you write a blog about this?” And the other friend says, “ . . . Okay!” as if he/she has content just swimming dormant among those millions of brain cells.

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Why I Prefer Flip Charts in My Client Engagements

flipchartUsing What Works to Make “it” Work!

If you do an Internet search on presentation skills, you will find not only tons of guides and tips for “professional and effective” presentations, but you will also find some very humorous ones.  Sometimes we can get so involved with making a good presentation or showing our audience how “good” we can be, that we actually forget that we are supposed to communicate with other people rather than talk to them. We all too often forget that even if we are supposed to be the experts in something or other, we are also supposed to have a bond and interaction with our audience, clients, colleagues, etc.  But you and I know . . . well . . . that rarely happens. Continue reading

Remembering the Legacy of Black Americans

February – A Month of Commemorating the Achievements of Black Americans

The month of February comes and goes quickly with only 28 or 29 days depending on a leap year as in 2013.  When most people think about the month of February, the memories of U.S. Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln generally tend to come to mind.  However, for the more than 30 million Black American citizens of the United States, the month of February is a month of commemoration of Black history and achievement, much of which is unknown to the world.  The achievement of Barack Obama to reach the presidency of the United States was built on a foundation of Black achievement in American education, politics and diplomacy over many previous generations. Continue reading